We Qualify                We Educate                We Refer

A well-qualified buyer or seller that is
educated in the home buying process
is an agent's BEST CLIENT.

As a successful, top-ranked agent, we understand that you receive referrals organically from former clients and networking connections. The Dash Agent referral network is an additional source for referrals. Unless you have all the clients you want or need, it makes sense to add another source for qualified referrals. We eliminated the referral fee. See how.


How it Works

We connect you to buyers and sellers in your area that are looking for a top performing real estate agent TODAY!

Connecting with a serious buyer or seller who is ready to sign can be complex and time-consuming. At Dash Agent, we have developed a streamlined platform that eliminates the need to chase leads. Instead, we match top agents with screened clients to simplify and accelerate the client acquisition process.

As a successful, top-ranked agent, we understand that you receive referrals organically from former clients and networking connections. The Dash Agent referral network is an additional source for referrals. Unless you have all the clients you want or need, it makes sense to add another source for qualified referrals.

Say Good-Bye to Iffy Leads and Hello to Targeted Referrals!

Other platforms will send you countless names and contact information of potential buyers and sellers. You then spend valuable time chasing these “maybe clients” only to discover that they are not viable. At Dash Agent, we link you directly with motivated and qualified buyers and sellers who are educated in the process and want to work with the best agents in the business. The referral is EXCLUSIVE to you. Our process eliminates wasted time and headaches and moves you directly to the finish line. 

How It Works

Step 1 – Create an Agent Account through our Agent Portal and select your referral match settings. Our customizable platform allows you to identify the type of client you want.

Step 2 – Our exclusive algorithm will use your selected settings to match you with the ideal buyer or seller. Dash Agent will review your transaction history, online rating, and other factors to match you with a client that wants to only work with a Top Agent like you!

Step 3 – In the final phase of the match process, our team conducts a phone interview to verify client information. We also gather other information that will be helpful to you and save time.

Step 4 – After a successful verified match, a text and email message is sent to the client alerting them that they have been matched with an agent. The client can access the agent profile from the Dash Agent system. At the same time, the agent receives a text and email message alerting them that they have been sent a referral. The agent can access the complete buyer or seller profile sheet from the agent dashboard. You can view a sample buyer or seller profile sheet by clicking the applicable text link -> (Sample Buyer Profile  or Sample Seller Profile). The sample profile sheet is a PDF file that can be viewed on- screen or printed.

Buyer/Seller Perspective

We use actual agent performance data to guide our recommendations. Although we have sophisticated systems to crunch the numbers, a Dash Agent referral specialist reviews each match recommendation. Click the link below to see how the agent information in presented on the buyer/seller dashboard. (Click here)

Why it Works

Dash Agent has developed a unique buyer/seller dashboard. The Dashboard is designed to educate buyers and sellers about the home buying process and provide money saving tips at every stage. Although we are a technology company, we believe, the single most important thing a home buyer or seller can do is to select a top performing agent to take them through the process. Dash Agent is where technology meets GREAT agents.

Dash Agent has reinvented the referral system. Today, many buyers and sellers find their real estate agent through referral services. It is standard practice for agents to pay a referral service 25%-45% of their commission as a referral fee. At Dash Agent, we believe that agents and home buyers/sellers should be the ones to reap the benefits of a successful purchase or sale, not the referral service. So, we elimiated the referral fee.  

Instead of paying a referral agency, 1/3rd of the agent’s commission is rebated to home buyers or a discount on the listing for home sellers. Our model provides value to home buyers and sellers, and fairly rewards top performing agents. Our slogan says it all: A well-qualified buyer or seller that is educated in the home buying process is an agent’s best client.

At dash agent we deliver well-qualified clients that understand the home buying process.

We Qualify
We Educate
We Refer – great clients to top performing agents


Agents never pay for leads upfront. Agents only pay for successful deals they wouldn't have otherwise received. Many referral programs charge 45% or more and provide NO SAVINGS to the buyer or seller. The Dash Agent program is a win for agents, buyers and sellers.

Our Marketing experts generate high-quality referrals on Google, Facebook and other media. Additionally, our in-house sales team does a phone interview to further qualify the lead. We do the advertising and heavy lifting so agents can focus on providing their new clients GREAT service.

About US

We are a team of software designers, CPAs, real estate investors, and real estate agents with years of experience in helping clients buy the home of their dreams and sell their property for top dollar. We started with one goal, to use technology to improve the home buying and selling process.

A critical component to ensuring the success of our users home purchase or sale is working with a top performing agent. The Dash Agent model provides our users immediate savings but also attracts top performing real estate agents to the Dash Agent network.

Dash Agent has developed a unique buyer and seller dashboard. The Dashboard is designed to educate buyers & sellers about the home buying/selling process and provide money saving tips at every stage.

At Dash Agent, our mission is simple – to educate buyers and sellers in the home buying process and to save them thousands. Additionally, we strive to provide top performing agents with a steady stream of high quality referrals. It’s win-win for everyone.

Why Choose Us

Competition Model 1:

Referral services have been a part of the real estate industry for many years. There are hundreds of websites that enable home buyers and sellers to find real estate agents. Although most of these sites will match buyers and sellers with a competent agent the value stops there. It’s a great deal for the referral service but the home buyer or seller does not receive any immediate savings.

Additionally, referral networks are a poor choice for real estate agents and consumers because of the hidden 25%-45% referral fee payment to referral services.

Competition Model 2:

In the last few years a new model with a slightly different twist on the traditional referral service has emerged. The new websites match home buyers and sellers with real estate agents and provide buyers a rebate or a discount on the listing to sellers. On the surface this looks like a pretty fair deal for buyers and sellers. However, if you take a closer look this is not a win-win scenario for the agent.

The websites operate as a real estate broker and charge the agent’s a 30% referral fee. The referral fee is in addition to the rebate that is paid to the buyer or seller, leaving the agent just 40% of the typical commission. As a result, many of the top performing agents are unwilling to participate in these programs.

Competition Model 3:

A host of sites exist that will build a lead capture funnel for agents. However, the monthly cost for the funnels and the advertising fee is typically $600 to $3,000 per month. The sites can generate a number of leads but the conversion rate is extremely low. The high monthly cost typically drains the agent’s bank account long before any of the leads become actual clients.

The Dash Agent Model

We have developed a radically different model that provides more value for home buyers and sellers and fairly compensates top performing agents. There is no reason to do it the old way anymore. Dash Agent provides a better solution.

Meet The Founder

Eric Pankey, is no stranger to the real estate industry and business world. As an avid real estate investor for the last 35+ years, Eric has purchased millions in residential and commercial property. He is a retired CPA, has owned more than a dozen successful businesses, and started a charitable organization that has awarded more than $35 million in scholarship funding to underserved youth.

After 20+ years, Eric retired from a Fortune 500 company, where he developed new systems to streamline business processes in accounting and human resources. Despite retiring from this industry a decade ago, Eric’s passion for developing creative technology solutions to solve business problems never waned.

Leveraging his extensive industry and technology experience, Eric founded DashAgent.com and NoReferralFee.com with the goal of creating a better solution for all parties involved in the home buying or selling process. Eric is driven by fairness and believes that agents and their clients should reap the benefits of a successful sale or purchase—not the referral company. In creating Dash Agent, Eric maintained the value of a referral company, but shifted the savings to the client. The result? A referral company unlike any other that allows both parties to walk away feeling as though they’ve won.

In his free time, Eric can be found spending time with his wife, three sons and close friends.

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If you are a mortgage broker with a history of success we invite you to join the Dash Agent network. Mortgage brokers are NOT CHARGED any fees. Our goal is simply to partner with the best mortgage brokers in the business so that our clients have the best home purchase experience possible. To add your company to our list of recommended mortgage brokers, click the “Get Started” button below. It takes less than 3 minutes to register.

As buyers move through the buying process, the Dash Agent system identifies the next steps in the buying process. In some cases the next step will be to “contact your mortgage broker” to start the pre- approval process. Click see how it works to see how your mortgage company is presented to our buyers. 

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Get more buyer and seller referrals with Dash Agent

Dash Agent is a powerful real estate referral system that connects top performing agents with in market buyers and sellers. Click on the video below to take a tour.

Stop wasting time on bad leads! Get Exclusive Referrals

With full and accurate client information you spend more time working with clients and less time chasing poor quality leads. Gone are the days of buying a zip code and waisting time chasing leads that don’t pan out. Our referrals are EXPECTING a call from you. We provide much more than just a name and phone number. You can view a sample buyer or seller profile sheet by clicking the applicable text link -> (Sample Buyer Profile or Sample Seller Profile). The sample profile sheet is a PDF file that can be viewed on- screen or printed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide several ways to contact us. After you login into your agent dashboard, click “Ask Us” on the menu. The page will show 3 methods of contact.

  1. Use the “Ask Us” form to give us feedback, ask a question or share a new expert tip.
  2. Email us at: AgentSupport@DashAgent.com
  3. Call us at: (470) 357-6888

Our marketing experts generate high-quality referrals utilizing Google, Facebook and other media. Additionally, our in-house sales team does a phone interview to qualify the lead. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on providing your new clients GREAT service.

We Qualify, We Educate, We Refer, great clients to top agents. We believe a well-qualified buyer or seller that is educated in the home buying process is an agents BEST CLIENT. If you want more BEST CLIENTS, join our network.

To be featured on the Dash Agent platform, agents must:

  • Be licensed
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Positive online reviews
  • Full-service agents only
  • A record of past success
  • Demonstrated local market knowledge and expertise
  • Minimum of 3 years real estate experience

When we receive an inquiry from a buyer or seller, a Dash Agent advisor speaks with the client to verify that they are qualified. The Dash Agent advisor gets any additional information that will help us match clients with the best agent. The Dash Agent algorithm uses the agents, transactions history, market area, online reviews and other factors to match clients.

No. Your proposal is shared only with buyers or sellers that have been qualified by Dash Agent. Our network agents are full-service agents that typically do not discount rates. The Dash Agent platform allows these agents to submit confidential proposals exclusively to qualified Dash Agent buyers and sellers.

Yes. At a minimum, agents must honor our standard Dash Agent discount. However, agents can provide buyers and/or sellers a larger discount.

You can view the contact information for clients that you are matched with. You will receive a text message when a client has been matched with your profile.

Yes. Lender approval is required for commission refunds. In some circumstances the buyer's lender or other parties to the transaction may not allow the buyer to receive a refund and Dash Agent cannot guarantee that all lenders will allow 100% distribution of the refund. As a result, Dash Agent requires that buyers discuss with the lenders and other parties to the transaction, in advance of the closing date.

The discount is before any split with the broker. The rebate or discount to the client MUST be in writing and part of your written agreement with the buyer or seller. NON-COMPLIANCE can result in agent’s termination from the Dash Agent referral network.

Yes. We ask or clients to rate each agent that is referred to them. The client ratings are used by the Dash Agent algorithm for future matches. Our goal is to provide the best real estate experience for our users.

We use the domain “No Referral Fee” to communicate the Dash Agent message to agents. A different domain name is used so that we can focus our message on the specific interest of the agent. The DashAgent.com site is for buyers and sellers. However, you can easily access the agent site from DashAgent.com by simply clicking “Agents” on the menu.

You can apply by clicking the “Sign Up” button on the Agent page.

Yes. A licensed agent will do the agent referral and track progress. A written referral agreement is required.

It is standard practice to pay a referral fee. With Dash Agent, the money that would have been paid to the referral company is now paid to the client. It’s win-win for both the agent and client.

It's FREE. However, we are very selective about the agents that are allowed to join. We work only with top performing agents that have a history of success.